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poem- unfinished Canadian joke June 5, 2014

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On the side of the highway:

a body of thick fur and flat leathery tail.

Why did the beaver cross the road?

I guess we’ll never know.



40 Responses to “poem- unfinished Canadian joke”

  1. schn00dles Says:

    to chew a tree out which was in his view

    • The strange thing was, that while there were trees aplenty on either side of the road, I’m not sure where water was, that he could have been planning to dam. It was quite away (and up a hill) from the only creek I know in the area.

  2. Tom Schultz Says:

    (borrowed) I dream of a world where chickens/beavers can cross the road without having their motives questioned.

  3. Rajiv Says:

    Sad for the beaver..

  4. Annette Rochelle Aben Says:

    too funny… my family is from Quebec originally… this would have made my Aunt Bernadette just look at me like, yeah… lol

  5. PrairieChat Says:

    Unfinished Canadian Joke continued…

    Waiting across the pond was a female beaver-

    A beaver damsel all distressed.

    She was short, dark, and matted

    And gnawed what she wanted!

  6. That’s so Canadian! LOL!

  7. narble Says:

    Are you sure that’s not an Oregon joke?

  8. Sad yet funny. 🙂

  9. words4jp Says:

    it is sad. I hate to see any animal killed by a car/truck…

  10. onewithclay Says:

    Because with Beavers it’s one dam thing after another.

  11. Maybe he crossed the road because he didn’t give a dam. Oops.

  12. beckarooney Says:

    I’m not from Canada but this did make me giggle! Nice one 😉 x

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