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poem-odd August 27, 2016

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I remember the Christmas

she gave me

a set of hotel toiletries

from her vacation to Portugal.

Gold embossed tiny burgundy bottles




and an elegantly packaged

shower cap.

Should we have known

there was something

wrong with her



12 Responses to “poem-odd”

  1. kgbethlehem Says:

    I always love your poetry

  2. anonymous Says:

    Haha.. interesting. Did real incidents inspire this?

  3. RachelNaomi Says:

    ): i can’t decide if no gift would have been better

  4. Well, that sounds like an awkward year.

    • lol. Within a year or so of this she completely fell apart, trashed her marriage, drove someone to suicide, and carried herself away from our lives. I think it was a sign, but we couldn’t read it.

  5. Off the wall behaviour almost always is a red flag.

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