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poem-storm June 8, 2017

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Another storm warning.

Cotton clouds turn into coal smoke,

Flashes splice the sky.

We’re drenched by pelting rain,

until it blows by again.

Wouldn’t it be nice

if the newscaster flashed

storm warnings

about flashes of temper

and drenching tears,

so we knew to stay indoors

or prepare our rain gear?


ocean angels June 17, 2013

You are a poem

that only angels know.

You move with the ocean’s pulse

waves kissing the shore

twice a day,

touching sky,

swelling with promise.

You are a poem

only the angels know,

but I am listening

for your words

on the wind,

reaching to catch

the rhythm,

in the rolling tide,

stretching to hear

the angels whisper.

You are a poem

I long to know.


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