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poem- waiting February 3, 2017

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The ground hog said spring was coming

but the snow falling outside my window

begs to differ.


26 Responses to “poem- waiting”

  1. Cheryl-Lynn Says:

    Aw, come on…snow falling here means it is not too cold…and we need it for the maple trees and spring time Cabane à sucre:)

    • I’m totally in favour of erable in all forms. 🙂

      • Cheryl-Lynn Says:

        haha…I hear you have had more snow than usual in BC too. But if the groundhog says spring is over in 6 weeks I AM all for that. It is in the minus 10 to 12 here but feels likes -20 with the humidity and wind) I`m fed up of the weather now…want to walk out hte door quickly without putting on my long johns, my warm boots, down filled coat, scarf, mits, hat…brrrrr j’en ai marre!!!

      • My condolences. I will whine less. It was down to -10 here today, but I didn’t have hat or scarf on while going back and forth to work, just a hood, gloves, high boots, (and cold feet and hands!) 😉

      • Cheryl-Lynn Says:

        Oh wow!!! that is so cold for BC!! A colleague moved to our Vancouver office and she says she feels like she is back home in Québec 🙂 Get one of those eternity scarves…they are a saver and they look cool too:)

      • Well, for the coast it would be especially cold, but I live in the Interior, an hour from the Rockies, so it’s not so strange for us.

      • Cheryl-Lynn Says:

        Well then, get that eternity scarf. All winter clothes are on sale now. This is the time of year I may get boots at 75% off. My mom trained me well. 😉

  2. Lynn Thaler Says:

    You just can’t trust those groundhogs. 😄

  3. Yep, we have 1 1/2 inches and it’s still falling, lol

  4. He’s an eastern groundhog. He knows nothing of British Columbia.

  5. Simon Says:

    Those ground hogs are unreliable!

  6. I should not drink any beverage while reading a short poem like this. I nearly choked laughing! When I see that groundhog I’m going to give him/her a piece of my mind! I got snow outside my window too!

  7. myageofaquarius Says:

    I’ve never been witness to a Canadian conversation before😅! That’s sounding a bit ignoramus on my part🤔. Anywho, that whole groundhog tradition needs to be put to bed! Poor things need to go to a retirement home and refuse to be commissioned ever again.

  8. allsortblog Says:

    Lovely poem my kids really wants it to snow in uk but that is very rare lately!

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