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poem- ominous February 7, 2017

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The sky could not be bluer

turquoise and ocean and bright summer day

captured on the snow piled like icing on the trees,

but on the horizon

a wall of charcoal grey

hints at a blizzard on its way.

I watch through the window and hope

I’m home before it hits.


5 Responses to “poem- ominous”

  1. erbiage Says:

    ah, nothing like the approach of a storm. Once I was in just the right spot to watch one pass me by. Stars above, giant thunderheads went galumphing by a few miles off…

    if it was me, i’d have left off the last line. (i know, i know, that’s the whole point of it)

  2. In the north country, a wall of grey brings lots of white. In the desert southwest, a wall of black brings a ton of brown dust.

  3. myageofaquarius Says:

    I am enjoying your expression🤗! It feels very joyous to me. Thank you for sharing.

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