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poem- weathered December 26, 2014

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Is that rain or is it snow?
The weather out there doesn’t know.
But it’s coming quickly through the air,
so I won’t be going anywhere.


20 Responses to “poem- weathered”

  1. Moongazer Says:

    We have snow tonight!

  2. vibhavd Says:

    There is no snow….still i can feel chills
    Through my spines…its very cold

    And everything goes by
    And we dont feel like going any where in these winters..

    Nice one!!!

  3. Well now, you keep the rain and let us have our snow…it is too darn dark here!!

  4. As long as the snow is not mixed with tar, you’re good.

  5. davidprosser Says:

    Done my slippin and sliding today.
    the snow that came, can now go away.
    It made me look a fool you see,
    I put on a show entirely free.

    Massive Hugs Shawn xxx

    • Oh dear!
      It’s snowing heavily at the moment, and hubby is out shoveling the driveway. It is quite steep, and I tend to wipe out at least once a winter. I would love to put steps in, to make it safer, but someone thinks safety is too expensive. *He* has not fallen yet, obviously. As soon as he does, those stairs will get built…

  6. I know how those days go.

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