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poem- everybody dies alone December 12, 2014

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You tell me

you’re afraid

of the inevitable destination

of this journey,

and I can’t help you.

I’ve never been there,

and I don’t know what to say

to ease your fear.


21 Responses to “poem- everybody dies alone”

  1. Tom Schultz Says:

    the undiscovered country.

  2. narble Says:

    This is a universal conundrum. I tried to understand it with this:

  3. manishabnrj Says:

    That is beautiful. “I have never been there”. True..How can we really feel it? Death is but a mere passing of me into everything…When I cease to be be me and am embraced by eternity to be part of everything and eternity, to return to the source, the universe…when no longer do I need to worry about myself anymore.

    • And will you still feel so
      when you are nearer the departure?

      • manishabnrj Says:

        I am scared..and perhaps will be scared…but sometimes when I think this way I can detach myself from myself and look at myself and ask, “What am I really in the big scheme of things? In this big vast world, I am nothing”..and when I look at myself from the perspective of the world.. I can let go of me…

      • My dad turned 100 on Oct 25th. I think he was working on making it to that auspicious number, and now that he has, he is a little freaked out, because the odds are REALLY bad for continued existence once you’re into triple digits! Not wanting to die might be how he fended off death for so many years!

  4. Sobering. No one knows how they will truly feel until faced with that moment.

  5. georgiakevin Says:

    Your poems are always worth reading. This one is a good one indeed. Man do I ever understand the helpless feeling of wanting to offer support at a time where I am not sure what to say. My cousin’s daughter just passed away to Ovarian cancer so your poem truly hit home.

  6. When the journey comes near, I will prepare my soul’s walking stick.

  7. Mark Says:

    Well said Shawn. I stood by and watched my first wife die from metastatic breast cancer and could do nothing. Alone into the alone, your words are truth. Thanks for sharing.

  8. great one as always! 🙂 very true thoughts!

  9. Death is terrifying. Christ is my only weapon against that fear.
    Your work is very honest. (‘:

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