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poem-reader December 20, 2015

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Perhaps, because I’m reading

Dust bunnies scamper across my floors

hiding beneath tables, gathering behind doors.

Perhaps, because I’m reading

Dishes stack into tall piles

and papers are exploding in spurts, beyond their files.

Perhaps, because I’m reading

I ignore the telephone,

but then, because I’m reading,

I’m content within my home.


poem-story sorry May 31, 2015

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I’m caught in a story

I can’t come out;

I’ll say I’m sorry.


I must stay and read

this day away,

Not really sorry to be

in need of story


poem- doorbell June 17, 2014

Sleeping in

enjoying dream embraces

of a book boyfriend when

the doorbell rings

with delivery of the next instalment

in the relationship.



a thousand lives August 15, 2012

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I think this is what I have always loved most about reading.  I can explore worlds, lives, times, and experiences that I would never otherwise know.  I can time travel into the past or the future.  I can love a variety of people.  I can live in a variety of cultures.  How boring life would be without the words of authors.

Even if I travel the world, jump from planes, hike through mountains, and seek out  ‘adventurous activities’ in my own life, I am still stuck within my own perspective and understanding.  Without the ideas of others to challenge and inspire, I am limited by my own views.  With them, I can see for eternity.


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