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quote- George R. R. Martin on sleep December 19, 2013

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Here I am again, planning on an early night, and before you know it, it’s midnight.  Tyrion Lannister has it right in Clash of Kings.  He says,

Sleep is good.  

Books are better.

~George R. R. Martin


quote- Feast of Crows December 15, 2013

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A laugh out loud tonight while listening to A Feast of Crows audio book:

Ser Loras rode superbly, and handled a lance as if he’d been born holding one . . . which no doubt accounted for his mother’s pinched expression.   ~George R. R. Martin

What accounts for your mother’s pinched expression?  


quote- George R R Martin October 4, 2013

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I was listening to George R R Martin’s Clash of Kings on my commute today, and chuckled over this line:

He thought he could smell smoke,

though perhaps it was just the

scent of his nerves fraying.

Do you ever have days like that?


a thousand lives August 15, 2012

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I think this is what I have always loved most about reading.  I can explore worlds, lives, times, and experiences that I would never otherwise know.  I can time travel into the past or the future.  I can love a variety of people.  I can live in a variety of cultures.  How boring life would be without the words of authors.

Even if I travel the world, jump from planes, hike through mountains, and seek out  ‘adventurous activities’ in my own life, I am still stuck within my own perspective and understanding.  Without the ideas of others to challenge and inspire, I am limited by my own views.  With them, I can see for eternity.


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