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a thousand lives August 15, 2012

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I think this is what I have always loved most about reading.  I can explore worlds, lives, times, and experiences that I would never otherwise know.  I can time travel into the past or the future.  I can love a variety of people.  I can live in a variety of cultures.  How boring life would be without the words of authors.

Even if I travel the world, jump from planes, hike through mountains, and seek out  ‘adventurous activities’ in my own life, I am still stuck within my own perspective and understanding.  Without the ideas of others to challenge and inspire, I am limited by my own views.  With them, I can see for eternity.


7 Responses to “a thousand lives”

  1. You’re right. Books open new worlds of adventure and allow you to travel to new places all within the comfort of where ever you may be. Books also inspire you to climb to new heights in life.

  2. Well now I’m reading the Wolf Gift by Anne Rice on my Kindle. I’m not sure if the danger is extra hairy guys. The last guy I dated had hair on his back but he was not a Wolf Man! Actually he was a very nice man. Rowrrrr!! LOL!!

    • Shawn Bird Says:

      Hmmm. I am on Team Jacob, as hubby shares many attributes with the literary Jacob Black- including the red VW Rabbit- I hadn’t considered the fur… 😉 Maybe it’s that good pelt that makes him so hot, eh?

  3. siwisnuppa Says:

    I started to read to over come my difficult with my own languish and have never looked back. By reading I can understand thing that I never would other ways. I mostly read fore pleasure and not to learn, but what I love is that I learn new things all the time even if it´s not the reason I read. There is alway something new, or a new way to look at things.
    And the fact is that I love it!!!

    • Shawn Bird Says:

      and you read in more than one language, right? You’re always posting quotes from English books on your website. How many languages do you speak besides Norwegian and English?

      • siwisnuppa Says:

        I mostly read in English now a days.
        But I do read Swedish and Danish, those are so similar to Norwegian that it´s for the most part just some letters that are different. Some words has different meanings, but I live so close to Sweden that is just natural and my dad is part Danish so I have learned a lot from him. So not a big deal.
        German I can read more than I can speak, but I do nether well. But french is a language I´m trying to learn now.

        Love the word, love the challenges that reading in any language that my own (norwegian) right now.

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