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She’s gone October 17, 2010

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Today I’m thinking about all those times when we don’t hear what someone is saying to us very clearly, because we have our own agenda. Hearing the full truth may open a door we don’t want to open, but glorious things may be inside if we have courage to accept difficult changes.


She’s gone this time

And it’s for good.

Don’t beg.  Don’t cry.

Because it’s good.

I know you can’t

See past your pain

And you wish all

Could be the same

She’s gone this time

And it’s for good.

Don’t beg.  Don’t cry.

Because it’s good.


You’ve tried before

To re-arrange

A month or two

You make a change.

But if it’s about

Getting her back

You’re never changing

The greatest lack.

She’s gone this time

And it’s for good.

Don’t beg.  Don’t cry.

Because it’s good.


Quit loving her

And love yourself

Take your fragility

Off the shelf.

See who you are

And learn to be

The best you can

So you can see

She’s gone this time

And it’s for good.

Don’t beg.  Don’t cry.

Because it’s good.


You’re better when

You’re not with her

With all the anger

In the air.

She wants to be a

Better self

And that’s why

She repeatedly tells

She’s gone this time

And it’s for good.

Don’t beg.  Don’t cry.

Because it’s good.


It’s time for you

To push, to grow

It will be hard

Change is, we know

You’re worth the pain

You will endure

You’ll transform for you

And not for her.

She’s gone this time

And it’s for good.

Don’t beg.  Don’t cry.

Because it’s good.


When you can smile and

See your strengths

And understand you’re worth

All the lengths

that others take

to make you see

You’re worth who you

Are bound to be.

When freed from all


That brings you down

And poisons you

And blinds you to

What’s really true

She’s gone this time

And it’s for good.

Don’t beg.  Don’t cry.

It’s truly good

For both of you.



Here’s another blog post that reflects this theme beautifully.  When will the message get through?

Oh wow.  We got a blog poetry award from the Thursday Poetry Rally!  How cool is that?

 And although this was posted in October, somehow we received an Honourable Mention for September…



44 Responses to “She’s gone”

  1. wanda Says:

    love it! Has a lot of emotion, Anyone can definitely connect to it.

    • Kim Says:

      Very nice poem Shawn, it really draws you in to think of so many things in ones life, with she’s gone for good…………

  2. Great poem, I loved the way it flows and its so true.

  3. Jingle Says:

    lovely words.
    the logic, sentiments, and everything else are fabulous.

    Thanks for sharing.

  4. Morganna Says:

    Here from Thursday Poetry Rally. I like this poem. It is powerful, and a lot of that power comes from the repetition of the last few lines of every stanza. Very good.

  5. […] Yes to all above. Since this is the one the Rally participants seem to already be finding, I submit […]

  6. Wonderful and beautiful words, the emotions that spark within the flow of the poem, happy rally my friend=D

  7. Jingle Says:

    I am thrilled to have your participation,
    enjoy other poets , your target is participants list,
    yet, feel free to explore anything from my Rally post…

    Happy Thursday!
    have fun!
    your blog and poetry look cute.

  8. xacrest Says:

    I like this tremendously! You’ve captured exactly what needs to be understood and accepted by many people who have been hurting over a lost love. The repetition at the end of each stanza reinforces the importance of your message very clearly. You’ve got the rhymes and rhythm, and the short, direct lines emphasize the direct communication of your idea. Great job!

  9. umasanthy Says:

    A motivating poem for the broken heart…written well

  10. just another girl Says:

    emotional. and something i can relate to.

  11. thoughtsnotlost Says:

    Great job, love the use of repetition to help move and make your point throughout the poem.

  12. megzone Says:

    awesome simply awesome poem 🙂
    loved the way it flows…
    and yes indeed dont hold on to anyone 😀
    moving on is better 😀

  13. Darlene Says:

    A neat way to say, sometimes a person just has to move forward and not look back.

  14. Bodhirose Says:

    I loved this, Shawn! People hang on and on to those who aren’t the best fit. It’s not the end of the world–live and learn more about yourself and bring a better you to the next relationship.

    This had so many good insights.

    Gayle xoxo

  15. likewine Says:

    Typical feelings when one loses someone and wants them back but knows they’re gone. Very well expressed.
    Thank you.

  16. notjeffery Says:

    An inspired read!
    With each break up comes growth but more people need to use that time to get to know and understand themselves first.

    Peace to you,
    (My entry for the rally)

  17. Uncle Tree Says:

    When it’s over they say,
    “It’s a rap.” This is a rap,
    and a mighty fine one, too!

    She’s gone for good
    I thought she would
    With luck, she’ll stay
    far, far away.

    Peace, dude. And nice to meet you! UT

  18. likewine Says:

    we can all relate at some point or other in our lives to this poem. This is lovely thank you.

  19. marit rogne Says:

    i like the length of your line

  20. B Says:

    Been there done that.
    Nice flow hun!

    Our posts are somehow related!

    Check it out!



  21. missbrittab Says:

    Like someone else has previously said, “a motivating poem for a broken heart” I absolutely agree. I think you have a really great message here and although it’s directed to a third party, in my opinion it’s like you’re actually just talking in third person -like, self talk. It’s what we all do to push ourselves. Great work!

    Here’s my post for Week 31

    • Shawn Bird Says:

      Great thing about poetry is the ability to write in persona. No one knows how much of the writing is self-reflection and how much is commentary on another’s situation. We can write in a different age, stage, or view. I enjoy the power of exploring other perspectives. It can be enlightening.

  22. Broken heart will take inspiration from the poem.
    Nice articulation, good flow of words.
    Well done.

  23. alakaline Says:

    Beautifully put. Without any pfaff. I loved the short staccato style.

  24. Scent of my heart Says:

    Some people are better gone than near! is not easy to let go, but with time when the relief comes things will go back to normal! Nice words! Your comment on my “Shush” left smile on my face 🙂 you can go back and have your answer ! Thanks for sharing your link!

  25. This just begs to be set to music. I bet you could sell it to a songwriter!

  26. This is amazing…you painted a beautiful experience from start to finish and captured that progession of pain and denial, to self love and growth!

  27. yuuki-chan Says:

    Capturing the move-on and walk-forward moments of life :). Lovely!


  28. This is one of those poems that make me say to myself, “Damn, I wish I had written that!”

    You can make this into a song, you know. (Or have you already made it into one?) These lines are becoming like LSS for me:
    “She’s gone this time
    And it’s for good.
    Don’t beg. Don’t cry.
    Because it’s good.”

    This is, so far, my favorite among the entries for Thursday Rally. 🙂

  29. deadpoet88 Says:

    Beautiful take on the topic! Your words ring very true, we’ve got to move on and learn to love ourselves. It becomes hard, but it is the best thing to do. Otherwise we’ll always land up regretting the lost time. Move on and be happy!

  30. adkwriter15 Says:

    Love your flow and strong message. Great job!

  31. Jingle Says:

    please vote for fellow posts,
    you are nominated, you win one vote, if you vote for other poets, you win another vote.

    upon join the voting, you win at least a runner up award .
    Thanks for the attention.

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  33. Shawn Bird Says:

    Reblogged this on Shawn L. Bird and commented:

    I’m trying to get some serious word counts in today on Camp NaNoWriMo, so enjoy a re-blog of a post from 2010. 🙂 See you tomorrow!

  34. Loved it! so true to life and struggling with endings…knowing when to let go and invest in ME when it’s no longer possible to invest in US. Nice flow…lovely.

  35. quarksire Says:

    i think i am strugglin not to cry beg or plea,,,wunder why i bother loving someone that says they love me and treats me 1000% opposite,, such hipocracy, can’t help but cry over all the lies beheld and fortold:(………..”Don’t beg. Don’t cry.

    It’s truly good

    For both of you.”……well hurt this guys soul is all.guess that was all part of the plan:(…………………….many blessings,,,ur poem is so real, to me is a sad day in paradise here… yeah now i guess il transform because of me instead of her:(….She wants to be a

    Better self

    And that’s why…what a lie that ever was! and is to me:(……….to bad i am not good enuff for her judge-mental self rightious holier than thou poetic dark wayz:()………..ur poem enlightnening and depressing here…so relates so very well to the now whether months ago er not she was really gone way back then {mentally}sarcastic as hell> has been playing with me like a toy ever since september/oct:(.is what it is:(….acceptance of love so cruel is the hardest thing on the planet for me to do, when love decided to act not like love:(.hasta ShawnB thx….Q

    • Shawn Bird Says:

      All the best. You can move on from even the worst betrayal. That just wasn’t the relationship that was meant to be. Focus on being true to yourself, and let her go… Take care.

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