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poem-reader December 20, 2015

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Perhaps, because I’m reading

Dust bunnies scamper across my floors

hiding beneath tables, gathering behind doors.

Perhaps, because I’m reading

Dishes stack into tall piles

and papers are exploding in spurts, beyond their files.

Perhaps, because I’m reading

I ignore the telephone,

but then, because I’m reading,

I’m content within my home.


poem-dust September 30, 2015

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Motes make magic

in gleaming beams.


poem-small December 7, 2014

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It’s not  small.

It overwhelms.

Unending paper piles

proliferate in the night.

A day’s work

becomes a week’s.

Somewhere under there

is order,

but it will take more





I’ve been cleaning and re-organizing my office space.  Made some progress after a week, but it’s not there yet.  Arg.  

What task do you have that seems to expand when you’re not looking?


poem- incessant November 10, 2014

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incessant chore

detracting from fun

and always



still to do.

But at least

I have

a house.



I hate housework.  From my messy room as a kid to my messy desks (at home and at work) I epitomize chaos theory.  I want to use my time to create, so there is something to show for it.  Since housework never ends, one is never satisfied with the task, which inevitably dissolves.


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