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poem-reader December 20, 2015

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Perhaps, because I’m reading

Dust bunnies scamper across my floors

hiding beneath tables, gathering behind doors.

Perhaps, because I’m reading

Dishes stack into tall piles

and papers are exploding in spurts, beyond their files.

Perhaps, because I’m reading

I ignore the telephone,

but then, because I’m reading,

I’m content within my home.


18 Responses to “poem-reader”

  1. DeniseBalog Says:

    And it’s Christmas break from school!! Perhaps the only chance you ever get at all! Love it!! Enjoy your time off!!

  2. SarahC Says:

    Journey on in reading, those chores will be there but the reading is always more fun! This is a kind of poem and I should recognize it, but oh well, I will think of it………..Perhaps 😉

    • I don’t think the scheme is anything specific; I didn’t plan it to be, at any rate. It just came as it came.

      • SarahC Says:

        oh my you sound like me lately, I write what jumps out, not trying to put it in a certain form, Reading above you read 132 books? i am just finished with my 100 for my challenge i did on goodreads. I of course have over 1/2 dozen in partial reading about me always 😀 have a great day/week/season enjoy

      • Well done! 100 is my usual goal. That broken ankle was very good for my Goodreads stats. 😉

        I hit 135 today. I am a reading machine! Nice, brainless regency romances from Mary Balogh this week. Last week I finished a bunch of very depressing award winners so I needed lighter fare for the holidays. 🙂

      • SarahC Says:

        Restocked our books but not enough westerns oh well 🙂

      • Westerns, eh? Hmm.

      • SarahC Says:

        About the third time I get that reaction here with bloggers. Chuckle…. Also read thriller, mystery,historical fiction s

      • 😉
        There’s a Louis L’Amour my husband has been trying to get me to read for 30 years. I need to check the title and download it for my ereader. That’d be one step closer to actually reading it (though a paper copy is somewhere in the basement). 😉

  3. Yes, I’m pretty certain it’s because you’re reading – happens to me all the time…

  4. Loved the poem. Very nice gentle imagery, and a good strong streak of whimsy

  5. Sounds like my house. I try not to feel guilty to ignore household tasks to take care of the much more pleasurable task of,reading. Merry Christmas to you, Shawn and thanks for your poetry.

  6. I will be very content, during these next few rainy days, reading in my childhood home. Merry Christmas, Mrs., and Mr., Bird.

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