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poem- incessant November 10, 2014

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incessant chore

detracting from fun

and always



still to do.

But at least

I have

a house.



I hate housework.  From my messy room as a kid to my messy desks (at home and at work) I epitomize chaos theory.  I want to use my time to create, so there is something to show for it.  Since housework never ends, one is never satisfied with the task, which inevitably dissolves.


35 Responses to “poem- incessant”

  1. robert okaji Says:

    You’ve just written the story of my life!

  2. Abhishek Says:

    I feel you ❤

    • Figuratively, I hope.
      Otherwise, that’s creepy.

      • Abhishek Says:

        Oh I see what I did there. Oops! Anyways when I work for long hours in my office, the irritating feeling you get when you have to everyday do the same cycle of work, you sometime just want to drop everything that you are doing and be free to explore this world. Thus, what you wrote in this post really connected with me and the life I am currently living. Thus, “I feel you”

  3. doncarroll Says:

    Housework is the easy stuff. Its going to work that is the messy stuff….haha. but I get your drift.

    • I guess that depends on your work.

      Though last week, there was a lot of ‘messy’ stuff floating in the air. (Napalm?) I credited to the full moon coming Saturday.

      • doncarroll Says:

        i work in freezers…..-10 and below plus the blowers for extra wind chill. it’s no fun to sweep a freezer out. by the time ya get done, the tips of your fingers are a bit numb. even if it’s clean shawn, it’s still a messy job.

      • A job I wouldn’t be able to do, thanks to Reynauds. I have enough difficulty making it through a Canadian winter and the poor HVAC system at my school!

      • doncarroll Says:

        I’ve been to Toronto, and i’d have to assume ya are even further up n can only imagine it gets brutally cold up there. that HVAC system probably works triple time. it probably needs to be replaced frequency….ahhh…probably no such luck. throwin a bit of humor at ya.

      • I’m at 50.7 degrees North latitude, but in the west (roughly a third of the way between Spokane and Seattle, then north into BC). It isn’t bitterly cold at all. We in the interior don’t get the humidity and winds common to the East. There are American hockey players staying with one of my friends, to play on our local team. They were commenting on their expectations for winter here. We asked how cold it was where they lived previously (Connecticut and Colorado) and both were significantly colder than we get here. Most of the winter we’re just below freezing (hovering around -5C). Perhaps once every couple of years we’ll get a cold snap that drops to -20 or -30 for a few days, but without humidity, that’s fine. You just bundle up.

        I have lived in Prince George (the middle of BC) and it used to get REALLY cold there. I remember a week of -40 to -45 (where Celsius and Fahrenheit thermometers meet!). Our tires froze square. That was bitterly cold! But our houses are warm, so you stay inside. It’s been years since it’s been like that there, though.

      • doncarroll Says:

        The place ya mention sounds a lot like north Dakota. I hate the cold n I’ve worked these freezers for years. Its gotten to old for me n no dream in that. My youngest son lives in Seattle. He’s a game art designer n I think he said it rains a lot there. He lived in Portland previously n its always in a constant drizzle. Its good that ya aren’t in all that cold. Today went to local truck stop n showed a waitress my latest piece. Words they can bring a highly introverted some attention n maybe some magic. Hope your day is a great one.

      • We don’t get much rain, we’re on the east side of the tip of the Great Western Desert

  4. Rekha Says:

    count me in! I also hate doing the chores;))

    • I think this makes it unanimous!

      I really miss my housekeeper. She moved in June. We’d had her 5 years and she was amazing. Twice a month she ordered my world. I have to do it by myself right now, and I’m crap at it. At least if I get some order back, I’ll actually be able to find another housekeeper willing to work for us. There have been some scary weeks around here lately!

  5. Housework never ever ends. *sigh*

  6. Dai Verse Says:

    I hate housework too. Unfortunately, having kids and pets seems to multiply the quantities exponentially.

  7. Ashok Misra Says:

    Very frank and honest! A good read! But too short and abrupt. Wish it carried a bit more of you.

  8. jensenempire2551 Says:

    As a such a loving soul….

  9. Never have I found a poem that hits closer to home, lol. Right now, a pile of dishes mocks me every time I walk into the kitchen. If only cleaning robots like the one from the Jetsons were actually a thing!

  10. billremski Says:

    One of my writing teachers, Laura Kasishke, published a book of poetry years ago called “Housekeeping in a Dream.” It had poems about vacuum cleaners and aprons. She writes mystery novels now and teaches at The University of Michigan. Your poem reminded me of this.

  11. Love it! Sums up my life! Alas you’re right – at least we have homes 🙂

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