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poem- dust December 25, 2014

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The mantle piece is gathering dust,

as are other ledges,too

The strings are dusty on the harp

the soundboard’s dusty, true.

The floors could use a washing.

Windows want a spotless view,

But what I lack in house keeping

I make up in love for you.



(Someone is vacuuming and washing floors before we leave for Christmas dinner, causing stress to poodles.  Hint: it isn’t me).


poem-small December 7, 2014

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It’s not  small.

It overwhelms.

Unending paper piles

proliferate in the night.

A day’s work

becomes a week’s.

Somewhere under there

is order,

but it will take more





I’ve been cleaning and re-organizing my office space.  Made some progress after a week, but it’s not there yet.  Arg.  

What task do you have that seems to expand when you’re not looking?


poem- incessant November 10, 2014

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incessant chore

detracting from fun

and always



still to do.

But at least

I have

a house.



I hate housework.  From my messy room as a kid to my messy desks (at home and at work) I epitomize chaos theory.  I want to use my time to create, so there is something to show for it.  Since housework never ends, one is never satisfied with the task, which inevitably dissolves.


poem- Sunday October 26, 2014

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Dirty clothes piled in the bath room,

Plates and projects in the living room

Books piled in the dining room

Clean laundry 4 feet high in the dressing room.

Everywhere there’s work to do

and I just want to cuddle you.


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