Shawn L. Bird

Original poetry, commentary, and fiction. All copyrights reserved.

poem- doorbell June 17, 2014

Sleeping in

enjoying dream embraces

of a book boyfriend when

the doorbell rings

with delivery of the next instalment

in the relationship.



21 Responses to “poem- doorbell”

  1. Mark Baron Says:

    The next installment of the relationship…what a delightful line! ๐Ÿ™‚ Awesome job!

  2. cphickey77 Says:

    I ‘ve wished a mate or two in the past were books, and vice versa ๐Ÿ™‚

  3. Ronovan Says:

    Now this was awesome.

  4. monksfist Says:

    Lovely chapter with a hopefull eternal paragraph in the happy moments

  5. words4jp Says:

    This is so clever. I love these clever pieces you write. They are such clever little vignettes which are obvious but not really – you see the obvious.

  6. Love the imagery. The way you put it was so unique. Personally I have better relationships with Pizza than guys!! LOL!! Cute poem.

  7. scelliott13 Says:

    I LOVE this poem! Who needs a real boyfriend when you can amazon one? ๐Ÿ™‚

  8. You and your hubby are both enjoying your blog? I hope so as it is making obvious the often overlooked. We should all take a brief moment each day to smell the roses. Keep on doing what you do, here’s looking forward to more years of having the overlooked brought to the fore!

  9. Cicindele Says:

    This. Leaving the dreams and facing reality at the sound of a bell. This poem is exactly it.

  10. If your ex-boyfriends rings the doorbell bearing a Pizza, quickly grab the Pizza and slam the door on him!! Paul McCartney And Wings “Let ‘Em In” Lyrics

    • If either of my ‘ex-boyfriends’ rang my doorbell, I’d have to invite them in and catch up with life! lol Hubby would probably be very entertained to meet them (again).

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