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poem-story sorry May 31, 2015

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I’m caught in a story

I can’t come out;

I’ll say I’m sorry.


I must stay and read

this day away,

Not really sorry to be

in need of story


16 Responses to “poem-story sorry”

  1. I remember well countless day I have become lost in a great novel. Now, it’s more with blog posts, poems, and flash fiction (my attention span has shortened), but the love of reading is still there.

    • I am constantly reading. I usually read 100 books a year either via print or audio. I have come to love audio books. I have a 25 min commute each way, so that’s an hour a day. Combined with listening to distract from housework, I get through a 10 hour book each week. Not to mention grad school readings, knitting books, etc. As school librarian, a get to read a lot of YA novels of many lengths. I really like for keeping track.

  2. Rajiv Says:

    Superbly written… It sounds like many of the “sorrys” we hear around us

  3. narble Says:

    What a happy problem.

  4. Perfectly depicts bookworms out there! Wohooo! HAHA

  5. souradeep26 Says:


  6. Soon, I will enter the land of seemingly endless ferry rides- and become lost in some great stories while sitting aboard.

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