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Poem-perfect picks September 22, 2022

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Another tautogram poem, this time on the letter P.



Penelope phones Philip.


Probably? Possibly?

Philip’s philosophisizes prior panegyric’s painful.

Penelope ponders Philip’s preachy palaver,

Parsing phrases, puzzling prosody:
Pasty poetry. 

Pall permeates.

Penelope’s perky, pretty, popular.

Point: Penelope’s perversely pitiful picking Philip! Plough politeness Penelope!  Possess proper prize!
Princely prospects prove perfect!
Pitch Philip! Pick pyrotechnics!



A tautogram (Greek: taut-same, gram-letter) is a poem in which every word starts with the same letter. Unlike alliteration, the words do not have to sound the same.


poem-spooky September 21, 2022

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A spooky tautogram:

She saw something.
Some small, slithering something
Sang soft serenades.
Surrounding sounds: snuffling, snorting.
Someone slides stealthily.
She’s somewhere spooky,
Sometimes scary:

A tautogram (Greek: taut=same, gram=letter) is a poem where all the words begin with the same letter, though not necessarily the same sound. They should be both grammatical and sensical.


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