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poem- putting a roof on it May 5, 2014

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The early morning knock

is answered with blurry eyes.

A too bright face asks if

a vehicle needs out of the garage.

The stomping above our heads

jarring us to wakefulness,

makes this so much more


than usual.

Large trucks high centre on

our steep driveway, whirling tires

Asphalt is scraped, rasping. 

Scraping, scouring off the shingles.

Thudding as they hit the ground.

This Monday morning,

Coffee is required.

I’m leaving for work early.

This is too much Monday

for me.


22 Responses to “poem- putting a roof on it”

  1. I think that would be too much Monday for me too Shawn! Great poem and slice of life too.

  2. pummpkinpye Says:

    Too Monday for me as well! Come swiftly Friday! ツ

  3. narble Says:

    Some Mondays are more Monday than others.

  4. Curlydaz Says:

    I think U2 singing Sunday Bloody Sunday were out by one day!

  5. janettt2014 Says:

    This is a very clever and great poem! I like it a lot!! 🙂

  6. Today has been an overdose of Monday . Nice poem

  7. moldydaisy Says:

    Loved this … especially since I first read it immediately after waking up on a Monday! (well planned!)

  8. But how wonderful that something necessary is getting done (by someone else, lol).

    • There’s that! lol They ran out of one component, so had to send one guy back this morning to finish up. I wasn’t thrilled to hear him stomping around at 7:30 either. 😉

  9. Wonderful. Fabulous. Another one that reminds me of a David Thewlis poem.

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