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poem-between December 27, 2014

Filed under: Poetry — Shawn L. Bird @ 2:29 pm
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Between then and now

Between here and there

Between faith and doubt

Between love and hate

Between us and them

Between you and me

Between life and death

We hover


22 Responses to “poem-between”

  1. narble Says:

    …but never between hem and haw.

  2. georgiakevin Says:

    What a thought provoking poem, well done………………..again!

  3. A picture of Marty McFly would go well right here.

  4. lramani33 Says:

    The ending is top.

  5. We do hover. Very interesting and well said.

  6. We are the connection we wish to see.

  7. Jessica Says:

    You had me waiting eagerly to find out just what was between all those things!

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