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poem- My watering can has a leak April 30, 2020

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I race through the living room

hand cupping drips

rushing toward the sink,

but my right foot finds a puddle

and flings itself forward

I contort in a frenzied downward dance

still clutching that can,

twist an ankle,

stretch a thigh,

descend in slow motion

as husband stands agog,

an astonished witness.

Look!  I skinned my knee! 

We wonder together how that

particular injury came to be.

I limp to the sink, feeling four once more,

glad not to be picking gravel from the wound,

Look for leak-free watering options,

and try the task again.

Battered and bemused,

life goes on.


6 Responses to “poem- My watering can has a leak”

  1. Melody J Haislip Says:

    I was just getting ready to water my plants, coincidentally enough, and this has insured that I will be extra careful. Kitchens can be such dangerous places!

    • Indeed! It was a quite dramatic, slow motion fall! I just lay there on the ground for a while, assessing whether any significant damage had occurred. The stretched out thigh muscle is the one that still aches today. I have to get up and walk every few minutes. No sitting all day at the computer today!

      • Melody J Haislip Says:

        And we thought we’d be safer staying home 🙂

      • Most injuries happen at home!
        I’m proof! I broke my ankle across the street getting the mail, and got a brain injury fainting and whacking my head in my hall! Dangerous places!

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