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poem- what June 27, 2014

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When his gaze

met hers

across the room,


he meant to say

with his wink

was, ‘You entrance me’

‘I want to know you.’

‘I will fill your life with joy.’

But when she looked


tears poured down his cheeks,

while he blinked feverishly,

so she looked away,

toward another sultry smile.

When his gaze

met hers

across the room,

he had much to convey

with his winking eye

but all his dreams

were destroyed

by a  lens-bound fly.




15 Responses to “poem- what”

  1. Hahhaha!! I love this!!

  2. ceadomile Says:

    Ceadomile reblogged this on The WordPress Blogatorium and commented:
    Discover new blogs, make new friends, join our communities, have fun (and for non-Facebook users … Let’s get started!!

    And on a personal note: I like stories with a twist:-)

  3. TanGental Says:

    soooo sad! I gave up lenses to avoid such moments and now struggle to keep my glasses clean enough to see the world…

  4. Éilis Niamh Says:

    Definitely made me laugh. 🙂

  5. Well that was just fun lol. Maybe not in the same situation, but I can definitely empathize with such a scenario.

  6. Well written with a lovely, humorous ending, enjoyed it 🙂

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