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poem- wild geese November 8, 2015

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In half a V,

a line of five geese flies to the lake.

Moments later,

another half, line of eight

flies from the lake.

I’m waiting for the perfect V of twenty

or thirty birds, but times have changed

and half the flock

must choose to take the bus

these days, or perhaps, to walk.


poem- flying November 20, 2014

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my CPU revs up

like an airplane,

races down the run way;

my typing thuds unexpected spaces,

but my words take off

and fly around the world.




(old computer, noisy fan. It does sound like a revving plane!)


poem- what June 27, 2014

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When his gaze

met hers

across the room,


he meant to say

with his wink

was, ‘You entrance me’

‘I want to know you.’

‘I will fill your life with joy.’

But when she looked


tears poured down his cheeks,

while he blinked feverishly,

so she looked away,

toward another sultry smile.

When his gaze

met hers

across the room,

he had much to convey

with his winking eye

but all his dreams

were destroyed

by a  lens-bound fly.




the amazing fruit fly trap July 26, 2012

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My friend Dani told me about this fly trap, and so for the last couple of years, we have NO problems with fruit flies.  I saw one last week.  I recharged my trap, and this is what I found in it yesterday:

the very efficient, watery fruit fly grave

The recipe is extremely simple. Mix a couple tablespoons of apple cider vinegar and a couple of drops of dish washing detergent.

Set the trap near where you store your fruit, and then start counting bodies.

I just leave the trap out until it evaporates, then I rinse it out and start again.

We don’t see fruit flies any more, except in the trap.  They hatch and are lured to their death almost simultaneously, it seems.

Best of all, this is a perfectly safe pesticide solution.

Fly trap placed near fruit.






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