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poem- flying November 20, 2014

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my CPU revs up

like an airplane,

races down the run way;

my typing thuds unexpected spaces,

but my words take off

and fly around the world.




(old computer, noisy fan. It does sound like a revving plane!)


22 Responses to “poem- flying”

  1. ghostmmnc Says:

    Great way to describe the sound…mine does the same thing sometimes! 🙂

  2. Geo Sans Says:

    lift off …

  3. Nice analogy and loved the truth in the last two lines. I work in IT and this made me chuckle.

  4. Please make sure you use a Flash Drive to back up your work. That 747 noise is usually the signal right before crashing!!

  5. Haha! We must have the same vintage computer!

  6. Rekha Says:

    You have put words to my frequent experience, though not the last two lines 😉 I am not as prolific as you are, my words don’t fly just jump around the world. Loved it. Happy weekend.

    • lol.
      I don’t know, the internet sends them whizzing around the planet pretty quickly! I’m always astonished to see the map on the stats page. (I am still waiting for a visitor from Greenland. If you know anyone there, send them my way!)

  7. I just wanted to say I love your poetry and can’t wait to see more of it. I’d love to see you get more recognition for your work

    – P.M

    • Thanks! I have two poetry collections that I planned to start sending out to publishers last August, but somehow I managed to get distracted by the stress and strain of our teachers’ strike and didn’t finish final selections. (Mind you, I had 12,000 views of each of my strike blogs, and they were shared thousands of times on Facebook, so that was pretty fantastic advertising!). Perhaps when my current grad school class wraps up the end of this month, I’ll find time to get them off before the next class starts up?

  8. mihrank Says:

    beautiful theory!

  9. Dai Verse Says:

    I’ve got one of those (PC is 9 years old – still running on Vista). Only mine sounds more like an asthmatic rhino about to keel-over.

  10. Nothing can stop free-flowing words from covering the Earth, whether they be loud or quiet.

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