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poem-royal treatment January 8, 2015

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Dogs snore

beside me as I lie

white plastered foot

elevated on pillows like a crown.

Royal pain.


19 Responses to “poem-royal treatment”

  1. Cheryl-Lynn Says:

    Oh dear did you fractue your foot??

  2. Life lessons never cease. Hope the next one is an affirmation, not a consequence.

    • Indeed!
      On the same day I broke my ankle, a friend’s husband had a heart attack while ploughing snow (with a machine, I believe). The storm had power out for a couple of days for some of my friends. It’s been a rough year for more than a few of us! Here’s hoping it gets better asap!

  3. I’m so sorry to hear you broke your ankle. Well at least you have the sentinel doggies. Please get well soon.

  4. […] Shawn L. Bird: Shawn Bird is a high school English teacher and librarian, poet and author. I love reading her poems, which are full of a beautiful simplicity but deep messages underneath the surface. She has also published a book called Grace Awakening: Dreams and Power. […]

  5. cmrsyk1985 Says:

    Sorry you’re hurt, but happy to see that you’ve hid your pain in a well-written limerick! Keep up the great work…

  6. Darling poem. So sorry about its source! Take care.

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