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poem-hard January 16, 2015

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He relies on the strength

of her heart strings.

She winds them around him

to hold him together

when he might rattle apart

in the shaking, quaking  times.

When she is weak and broken,

when she can not stretch her arms,

wide enough

to wrap heart strings around him,

he trembles and crumbles


When she is weak and broken,

he does not consider

that he could pretend

to be strong.

He could hold her heart strings,

and spin into her.


17 Responses to “poem-hard”

  1. SiriusOryon Says:

    Ya’ think??? Great piece ♥ 😉

  2. Laine Jensen Says:

    Lovely, Shawn. Hope he reads your poem 😉

  3. amandagrey1 Says:

    Wow, great poem! A lot of emotion here, I love it!

  4. This reminds me of something my girlfriend said one time: the Queen protects the King. There’s serious truth in that.

  5. Seems like the antithesis of a certain situation.

  6. Nicodemas Says:

    A beautiful poem!

  7. jimrsbjorklund Says:

    Reblogged this on SKRiV.

  8. georgiakevin Says:

    Your poems always speak to your readers’ hearts!

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