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poem-screw you! July 3, 2015

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Oh you, Screw,

exiting from bone

seeking a new home

pushing through my skin

in increasing agonies of effort.

As we part ways, may I state

that while I appreciate you having held me together

during that stint of cold weather,

it’d be great if you stay in place until

the surgeon takes you away!

(This ankle pain rankles me).


(I only wish this one was figurative, rather than literal!)


poem- holding May 9, 2015

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Your hands

grip your head,

hide your hurt,

hold that history

in your hands.


poem- ache February 20, 2015

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This sight

makes my eyes ache.

My sighs

make my I’s ache





poem-stretch February 18, 2015

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This joint needs stretching.

Lean into the pain,

just a little push.

Hold there,

on the edge of the agony.

Relax back.

Lean again; push


a little


Stretch the joint;

flexibility is necessary,

when you may need to run,




poem-rolling February 1, 2015

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I rolled into the room

delighted with engagement,



I rolled out of the room

on a high.

I rolled into the house

fell into my bed

and took fifteen hours

to recover from

intellectual curiosity.



Had my first big outing since I’ve been laid up with my broken ankle.  I was out 6 hours for medical appointment, grad school workshop, and transportation.  It was wonderful to talk to folks more erudite than my dogs, but apparently it was exhausting!  The ankle wasn’t thrilled, either.  I won’t be doing it again for a few weeks!



poem- symphony of agony January 11, 2015

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This pain is a discordant symphony.

Percussion throbs a bass in the bone.

Piccolo dances of sensation up and down the leg.

Trumpet blasts explode out from the ankle.

Bassoon wails all along the incision site.

Kettle drum beats defiantly deep in the ankle bone. Dum. Dum.  Dum.

Oboe whines a strident screech, vibrating muscle.

Cello squeezes, squeezes, squeezes low notes of agony.

Oh pain, go away; return my body to harmony.


poem-chemically adored? January 10, 2015

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Every hour on the hour

the baby wakes you up

and in a stupor you stagger

to diaper it, feed it, and cuddle it.

every hour on the hour

the incision wakes me up

and in a stupor I reach for drugs

to temper it, relieve it, and smother it.

It is like having a new baby

without the benefit of oxytocin

to make me love the torturer.



poem- games December 16, 2014

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Boy games

Aim young,

Convince the girls to give it up

believing that you love them

Dump, Laugh, put another notch

on your belt.

Leave broken hearts

and bad kharma behind you.

Girls can be devious,

don’t be surprised

when the downtrodden

rise, and eliminate the cause

of your pleasure.

Live by the sword

Die by the sword

after all.


poem-crick November 4, 2014

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Right there, at that one irritating spot

a crick in the back



poem-seas October 24, 2014

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Skin ripples

Head surges

Stomach rolls

Body is a stormy sea.


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