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poem- games December 16, 2014

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Boy games

Aim young,

Convince the girls to give it up

believing that you love them

Dump, Laugh, put another notch

on your belt.

Leave broken hearts

and bad kharma behind you.

Girls can be devious,

don’t be surprised

when the downtrodden

rise, and eliminate the cause

of your pleasure.

Live by the sword

Die by the sword

after all.


22 Responses to “poem- games”

  1. SiriusOryon Says:

    Cold like the north wind!!!!! Awesome piece 😉

  2. narble Says:

    The ageless dance of gender: one of the foundations of Art.

    • Now and then I hear about predatory boys who set out to wreak emotional havoc like this. It doesn’t bode well for their futures. I wonder if they realize that they’re training themselves to never have a positive relationship?

      • narble Says:

        I don’t think they realize anything. They are reacting to lust, which they don’t understand, chemistry, about which they are clueless, and an urge to dominate, which is probably hormonal (see chemicals). If the light ever goes on for these guys (seldom), it is most often later in life when they realize how much distance they’ve created between themselves and others, women especially.

      • As Diana Gabaldon calls it, “Testosterone Poisoning.”

  3. The Games People Play ~ The Spinners —

  4. Cheryl-Lynn Says:

    I hear this so often every day:(

    • I suspect anyone who works with teen mental health hears it all the time.

      If only our girls would have a healthy dose of realism. The girls who are easily deluded by this type of boy, seem to grow into women who moan about ex-husbands who were this type of man.

      • Cheryl-Lynn Says:

        Yes, but if we keep talking, and I find teachers reach these youths far more than counsellors have a chance to…they see them daily…I refer them to their teachers first for support….also the boys don’t all want to act like this…takes a few that spread the wrong message…the pressure.

      • It all depends if there is some psychopathy present. It’s not a healthy ideation, but amid increasing ‘rape culture’ I’m not sure we’re seeing less of it these days.

      • Cheryl-Lynn Says:

        I am finding youths are desensitized to so much violence as well as sexual violence…be it videos, music, literature…don’t know…or maybe it is a combination.

  5. georgiakevin Says:

    Yet another poem that simply stands your readers on their head. wow!

  6. agarrabrant Says:

    Who, in their right mind, can confuse the Dance of Love with the Dance of Death?

  7. Rajagopal Says:

    do you fancy an end to games arising from adolescent infatuation, shawn? the larger many do not with some getting hurt in the melee and some emerging, not so happily, yet as stronger and mature spirits, and so it rambles on straddling generations. like the didactic tone in your lines…

    • For some, it makes them grow into sadder but wiser individuals. For others, it’s the first stitch in a pattern they never escape.

      I never chose the bad boys, so I was always blessed by the young men who held my heart.

  8. bidu05 Says:

    Reblogged this on Lost soul. and commented:
    The cruel truth.

  9. My late wife summed it up nicely, “Oink, oink”.

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