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poem- ache February 20, 2015

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This sight

makes my eyes ache.

My sighs

make my I’s ache





14 Responses to “poem- ache”

  1. T.R. Sanders Says:

    Excellent play on words! If I study your poetry long enough, I SHALL unlock the secret of how you express so much with such an economy of words.

  2. Laura Says:

    great play on the letter “I”. A short but very memorable poem.

  3. Heartafire Says:

    There’s a lot of emotion between these lines…beautifully expressed.

  4. Sighs are an outward path, for vulnerability.

  5. dpnoble Says:

    You’ve done it again! The apparent ease with which you marry assonance with brevity creates deep thought in your readers mind. In my mind for sure. When will we see an anthology in the bookstores?

  6. Jimmy Lem Says:


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