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poem- ache February 20, 2015

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This sight

makes my eyes ache.

My sighs

make my I’s ache





poem-synesthesia October 28, 2014

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I feel the light crawling

on my skin, burrowing in

and out through the pores,

illuminating my blue bones.

I see the glow of your pain

woven in the strands of my muscles,

stretched and aching like a long line

of scarlet soldiers dragging guns and stabbing bayonets.

I hear the purple shimmer of your displeasure,

Flashing gold anger explodes up my body

in shrieking tsunami waves.

I taste darkness and agony.

I smell the rainbow of your discontent.

I am you and we are



glances April 5, 2013

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You wiped my eye from the tears,

Tearing yourself from the

paper poetry of your perfection,

Ripping my gaze apart.


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