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poem-synesthesia October 28, 2014

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I feel the light crawling

on my skin, burrowing in

and out through the pores,

illuminating my blue bones.

I see the glow of your pain

woven in the strands of my muscles,

stretched and aching like a long line

of scarlet soldiers dragging guns and stabbing bayonets.

I hear the purple shimmer of your displeasure,

Flashing gold anger explodes up my body

in shrieking tsunami waves.

I taste darkness and agony.

I smell the rainbow of your discontent.

I am you and we are




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A cut black silhouette

oozing around corners

hovering at windows.

I feel your gaze drilling

between my shoulder blades.

You vanish when I turn

but I glimpse your intent.

Your presence smothers

sparks of happiness.

Wariness wears tears

in the fabric of my composure,

devouring me in shadows.



Written during the Reach Out Psychosis assembly at my school.


poem- disguise October 27, 2014

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You didn’t understand

they were talking about you

when they spoke of

mental illness





But the lies you live

cover your ears

and deafen you.

You are so

accustomed to ignoring

truth and danger,

you do not see it

before your eyes.

The presenters sing

and tell their stories.

Your fingers are in your ears,

“La la la la la

I can’t hear you”

as you stomp with

vacuous determination


the pit.



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