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poem- extra-sensory perception September 14, 2015

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I see through poet’s eyes

life recorded in metaphor

ideas dancing with possibilities.

I hear through poet’s ears

the humming of memory

the clatter of change

the sibilance of serenity

I touch through poet’s hands

hard thoughts,

rough realities,

soft dreams.

I smell through a poet’s nose

freshly mown hay of a summer day

leaves burning in an autumn evening

I taste through a poet’s tongue

the sourness of betrayals

the sweetness of hope

The poet has an infinity of senses

that reach into history

and unravel mysteries.


poem-synesthesia October 28, 2014

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I feel the light crawling

on my skin, burrowing in

and out through the pores,

illuminating my blue bones.

I see the glow of your pain

woven in the strands of my muscles,

stretched and aching like a long line

of scarlet soldiers dragging guns and stabbing bayonets.

I hear the purple shimmer of your displeasure,

Flashing gold anger explodes up my body

in shrieking tsunami waves.

I taste darkness and agony.

I smell the rainbow of your discontent.

I am you and we are



sometimes (a Rule of 3 poem) May 19, 2013

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I look at you

changing the tires on my car,

pushing a mower around my mother’s yard,

pruning (really badly) the trees at home,

and I think my heart will explode.


I listen to you

laughing riotously at a scene on TV,

playing Goldberg Variations on the piano,

snoring (very loudly) in bed at night

and I think my heart will explode


I touch you

entwining arms around you,

stretching onto the tips of my toes

kissing  (quite passionately) whatever my lips reach

and I think my heart will explode.



There you go.  That’s Diana Gabaldon’s Rule of Three happening in a poem! 🙂  What would make my heart finally explode?  If he would only wear his kilt while doing any of the above! lol



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