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poem- extra-sensory perception September 14, 2015

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I see through poet’s eyes

life recorded in metaphor

ideas dancing with possibilities.

I hear through poet’s ears

the humming of memory

the clatter of change

the sibilance of serenity

I touch through poet’s hands

hard thoughts,

rough realities,

soft dreams.

I smell through a poet’s nose

freshly mown hay of a summer day

leaves burning in an autumn evening

I taste through a poet’s tongue

the sourness of betrayals

the sweetness of hope

The poet has an infinity of senses

that reach into history

and unravel mysteries.


8 Responses to “poem- extra-sensory perception”

  1. jimibodansko Says:

    your senses seem to be extraordinarily sensitive,
    can you feel something more out there
    from within inside i wonder …..
    do you have some kind of antenna perhaps,
    is there possibly more than what seems to be the ordinary ….
    just wondering aloud, really like this piece of yours ….. :O)

  2. Josh Wrenn Says:

    Love this!

  3. jimibodansko Says:

    being so in tune with the surroundings
    can beat ignorance in a heartbeat ….. yeah ?

  4. quarksire Says:

    The poet has an infinity of senses

    that reach into history

    and unravel mysteries .. how so very cool 🙂

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