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poem- wasted day October 2, 2014

On this day

I remember a ghost anniversary,

the day in 1976

when my sister was married.

My 12 year old figure was

encased in my mother’s girdle

beneath a hideous rust bridesmaid gown.

I sported a new Vidal Sasoon bob,

felt bold and grown up with

my uni-brow plucked.

I remember my father’s scowl

when a groomsman with waist length hair

obeying rattling spoons, bent to kiss me,

and the resulting blush.

The marriage lasted four years.

My daughter wore the hideous dress

when she was twelve.

She called herself a princess;

rust suits her.

Too bad my sister

never saw it.




You know, that whole girdle thing is really weird.  I was not a pudgy child by any reckoning.  I probably weighed about 95 lbs around the time of this wedding.  I recall it was my idea, so I must have been self-conscious of a little paunch, which at 12, was not paunch at all.  Very strange how girls are, isn’t it?


I looked for the wedding photos in the album, but it looks like I took them out of those photo eating ‘magnetic’ glued albums, and who knows where I put them.  Sorry!



poem-considerations September 20, 2014

Between you and me,

there is respect,

and respect has room

for secrets.

But let there be

no lies

between you and me,

for what lies

between us

is going to be






Another #Outlander poem.

Re: ch 15

(I confess, I missed this speech in ep 107.  I trust it will show up eventually).


poem- hollows July 20, 2014

I wait

in the hollow place

for you

You happily celebrate

the concavities

but appreciate

the complexities

of the convexities.

In hollow places

grace erases traces

of solemnity and

embraces totality,


I wait

for you.



poem-karma July 4, 2014

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You told the kids

he was useless, stupid, weak.

You bullied him

into believing it himself.

You kicked him

out the door, and mocked his

adoring devotion to you.

You didn’t deserve him

and now someone better

has discovered a treasure.

So while you sleep

from man to man,

like the good Christian woman

you always claimed to be,

your kids now see what

you had blinded them to.

That kind, loving man

is finally getting the relationship

he deserves.




Just heard yet another story of some woman abusing her kind-hearted man, and I had a flashback.  Excuse the rant.  (cough).


poem- and April 21, 2014

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She saw it in his eyes


tilted her head modestly

hiding her smile

while he tried desperately to

catch her attention.


She saw it in his eyes


extended her left hand

to accept the ring,

the sign of promise.


She saw it in his eyes


handed back the ring

letting him go

no regrets.


She saw it in his eyes


welcomed him beside her,

his fears conquered,

stood at the altar,

moved into the future.


She saw it in his eyes


held the babies close

while he gushed

about the woman he admired


She saw it in his eyes


let him grieve the loss

as they left behind

wishful thinking


She saw it in his eyes


embraced their passion




She saw it in his eyes


each time he was broken

she brought out the glue

to piece him back together

held him tightly


She saw it in his eyes


let him be,

let all enfold,


it was




poem- wishes February 17, 2014

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The togetherness

stretched between

man-cave and girl-zone,

in dutiful words

and sharing kisses on the stairs.

The silences

listen for the echoes

of footfalls

and wonder

what togetherness



poem-gifts October 23, 2013

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She held out

her insecurities

cupped in her hands

and asked him

for reassurance,

but he just looked down

his nose at her



He had no

kind word

to give,

no kind heart.


And so she stood

face upturned in

silent misery

and held tight to

the gift

of isolation.


poem- you in a crowd October 3, 2013

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I see you

in the distance

across a roomful of heads,

tall and silent

watching them with a

pleasant blankness-

a smile that turns your mouth

but doesn’t light your eyes.

You stand above


listening without interest,

putting in the time

required for politeness.

My eyes call to you

and you turn,

one eyebrow raises a greeting

and your lips rise with it,

I see the flash of gladness,

as you incline your head

and step toward my love.


Poem-making love July 21, 2013

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I make you.

Word by word

I write you.

Stroke by stroke

I paint you.

View by view

I see you.

What I say

is what you are


I make you kind

I make you good

I make you loving

and so

you are.



This explores a similar concept to Patricia McGerr’s “Eight Cow Wife.”  How you treat your spouse will reflect back on you.  If you complain all the time, you’re going to be focusing on the negative until that’s all you can see.  So don’t.  Your focus creates your reality.  Live the relationship you want to have.




tree love July 9, 2013

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You are a solid trunk,

knarled, mossy, tall

You look up

hearing Vivaldi

through the Rockies,

as I bud yellow green,

blossom pink,

blow petals on the breeze,

absorb the sun,

grow rich green,

dance in summer storms,

glow molten gold

firey orange and flaming blood,

throw all my soul

into the sky

and when pretention

falls away,

I rest,


upon you

and renew.


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