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poem-gifts October 23, 2013

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She held out

her insecurities

cupped in her hands

and asked him

for reassurance,

but he just looked down

his nose at her



He had no

kind word

to give,

no kind heart.


And so she stood

face upturned in

silent misery

and held tight to

the gift

of isolation.


65 Responses to “poem-gifts”

  1. itburnsforyou Says:

    Reblogged this on itburnsforyou and commented:
    This is amazing.

  2. limada Says:

    Hmm, nice.

  3. kregianmiral Says:

    I feel sorry for the girl. In my mind, I visualize maybe the boy made the girl’s hope too high. Maybe he held her up in a pedestal & didn’t catch her when the ground shaked & she fell off. Maybe the boy was nothing than merely a shallow person, unable to stand his ground about the hopes that he has given to the girl. Beautiful poem, short yet emotional. Well done! Keep safe & stay awesome! 🙂

  4. words4jp Says:

    The gift of isolation – it seems like it is the gift that keeps giving.

  5. Love this part of the poem “held tight to the gift of isolation”!

  6. Kate Spyder Says:

    maybe she selected the wrong person.. I love poetry that touches me personally, and this one does. Thank you.

  7. Elizabeth Mendiola Says:

    How true this is, unfortunately.

  8. Wow your blog has exploded. Nice following, Shawn!

  9. She deserves to be cherished.

  10. Reblogged this on Saleem Dreams and commented:
    Poem from Shawn L. Bird’s blog. Reblogged.

  11. graceh13 Says:

    Oh, this is the complete opposite of what I posted. I feel the pain and sadness of it, silence is killing. A very a good write and thank you for liking my poem, too.

  12. he could not understand
    he gave her room
    he let her talk
    he gave her silence
    a gift most precious

    but still she left

    (why communication — is the most difficult in the world)

    Sorry for not visiting your site more often

  13. Really enjoyed this, tugged at my heart that uber trusting offering of vulnerability – stunning. Not always easy to receive such trust – that’s what I find sad…and if there are few strong enough to receive it, those willing to offer it will be less inclined. Very thought provoking – thank you:-)

  14. Hi Shawn,

    This may be my favourite poem that I have read of yours. It is so simple but says everything all at once. It actually almost made me cry. Can I reblog it on Eatsdrinksandthinks?

  15. vicbriggs Says:

    It is so tough to allow oneself to be vulnerable.

  16. Jen Says:

    I had a dream that made me feel this way recently. This struck me. Thanks for sharing

  17. Reblogged this on Eats Drinks and Thinks and commented:
    Here is a reblog of a lady who I only discovered recently but her stuff is really fantastic…check out her blog whenever you get the chance, she writes some lovely stuff…..

  18. Ken Stephen Says:

    Thanks for this. I particularly like the implications tied into the the first stanza

  19. jelmo88 Says:

    This, safe to say, is the kind of write I definitely like. Simple, but still highly evocative. Glad I chose to start following your blog. 🙂

  20. sassybookworm Says:

    Such a beautiful poem – I really loved it! Also, thank you for stopping by my blog, I really appreciated it! I’m hoping to put a few of my own poems on my blog so maybe we could exchange ideas?! 🙂

  21. Miranda Stone Says:

    Very powerful.

  22. teengaygirl Says:

    This is me up until a few years ago, when someone finally gave me something.
    I’m now happy.
    Which is the best feeling ever.
    So thanks for awesome poem,

  23. JustDeb Says:

    Great! It sounds like the end of my marriage. Actually all of my marriage but what really made me want out at the end. Thanks.

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