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haiku-farewell April 25, 2014

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You speak gentle words

parting with empty promises.

Our dream has died


poem- card store holidays February 14, 2014

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and card stores

declare a forced affair:

“Purchase a card and dozen roses

or your affections are suspect!”

I prefer

memories carved

each morning from

all the days before

in a collection of kisses

stretching back through

years of anniversaries

Memories of Mister and Missus.

(Though notes are nice,

and I like roses, on sale).


poem-potentially January 2, 2014

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He is


all he



She is


all she



They are


all they



poem- the other place November 9, 2013

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I’m making this up as I go along

You in the other place

Singing echoing off the walls

in an imaginary  paradise.

You in the other place

Eden entwined between

sheets and dreams

making it up as we go along


poem-gifts October 23, 2013

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She held out

her insecurities

cupped in her hands

and asked him

for reassurance,

but he just looked down

his nose at her



He had no

kind word

to give,

no kind heart.


And so she stood

face upturned in

silent misery

and held tight to

the gift

of isolation.


fight November 9, 2011

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I come to bed nursing hurt,

determined to keep to my side.

My crushed heart needs

the solace of loneliness, as I obsess

on the sense of abandonment.

Wishing, “Don’t go.”

I go myself.

A journey of anguish

centered in my soul.

I’ll rest perched on the west side

looking through salt water.

You sleep on the east,

spine set up against the mountains.

Between will be a desert that I will




I crawl between the sheets

and my feet haven’t left the floor

before I am entwined within your arms.

Pulled unceremoniously across the divide

wrapped tight in determined embrace.


There will be no fight on this landscape.


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