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poem-karma July 4, 2014

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You told the kids

he was useless, stupid, weak.

You bullied him

into believing it himself.

You kicked him

out the door, and mocked his

adoring devotion to you.

You didn’t deserve him

and now someone better

has discovered a treasure.

So while you sleep

from man to man,

like the good Christian woman

you always claimed to be,

your kids now see what

you had blinded them to.

That kind, loving man

is finally getting the relationship

he deserves.




Just heard yet another story of some woman abusing her kind-hearted man, and I had a flashback.  Excuse the rant.  (cough).


34 Responses to “poem-karma”

  1. davidprosser Says:

    What goes round, comes round. Why is gentleness in a man often seen as weakness?
    xxx Massive Hugs xxx

    • I know. When such women grumble about how there are no good men any more, I think about how they chew them up and spit them out. Respect is a two way street.

      (Could I use any more cliches?)

  2. I have seen both sexes undervalued by their partners in this way. Gentleness and willingness to submit to their partners wishes is often seen as weakness as you say. You’ve heard the saying give some people an inch and they will take a mile (another cliche), this is so often true for the partner of a gentle soul. Unfortunately, kind, compliant people often attract the opposites.

    • Belligerence is so unattractive. Kindness does not mean it’s okay to accept abuse. Sometimes kindness is gently informing the other party what respect looks like, and insisting on that respect. As my friend told a belligerent woman abusing her husband in the mall today, ‘relationships are a choice.’

      Check out my poem “Making Love” for more thoughts on this matter:

  3. OnTheWay Says:

    this is an awesome poem and as a christian woman myself, i can only say amen to this!

  4. pdlyons Says:

    refreshing point of view. like its direct yet elegant approach

  5. Holy COW! Laying down the SMAK! For everything there is a time, and a season appointed under heaven…sometimes that just needs to be said.

    Besides that and the emotional punch you pack (per usual), the poem structure and execution is very good. As always, thanks Shawn

  6. Elouise Says:

    Such a sad scenario. Powerfully put–especially in the way it depicts generational wounds. I wonder…when the good Christian woman looks at him, might she be seeing her father or a male relative who ‘adored’ her, but in an unsafe way? I ache for women who’ve been victimized and then, without help, victimize others. Same for men. Just a thought–based on observation and experience. We never know for sure. Where does it all begin? And end. Thanks, Shawn. Great post.

  7. todessakane2013 Says:

    Awesome poem, enjoyed reading it very much. God bless you lots today and everyday and keep up the great work 🙂

  8. keelymyles Says:

    This is a thought provoking one for me… And for the most part I say, “Preach it, Shawn!” There are not enough people reminding women/ men to respect their spouses… The other side of me says, this is sad. I am sorry that someone who bears/ bore the name of Christ has failed to live up to the calling.

  9. keelymyles Says:

    The poem on my blog called Scarlet Sinner depicts this battle.

  10. Boom!! Tell Sister Shawn!! Preach!! I’ve seen this sad unfortunate scenario replayed within my family and associates. I could never downgrade a man in front of his kids. Karma will come back to bite you in the butt. Couples are suppose to uplift and support each other. If they can’t it’s best to separate at the start rather than sowing seeds of hate especially if you call yourself a “Christian.” The word Hypocrite is a better definition. I also agree in that as much as women complain about men being dogs some women are just as bad or worse!! You reap what you sow.

  11. rubiredsaid Says:

    It is more prevalent than people want to accept!
    The thing is because of the “taboo”, figures are not accurate. Domestic brutality in any form, should be an offence but I get the feeling that only when someone dies from such incidents that it is acknowledged!
    Hope you’re fine, have a good day!

    • I don’t think acknowledgement is an issue. Judges issue ‘No contact’ orders and restraining orders. Police endeavour to enforce them, but if the offender is determined to assault an estranged partner, a piece of paper on an order isn’t going to make much difference unless the peace officer is in the room with the victim.

      • rubiredsaid Says:

        I have seen with my own eyes, a woman with such court orders who was taken off the street with her daughter, battered, and left critically ill!
        Silly things like imposing a court order, then forcing the abused person to be in a position where they must take their child/children, to reception centres on the grounds of visiting rights, definitely does not work either!
        Has to be worked out in another way because the risks are too great!
        Women too, tend to be quite aggressive in domestic situations.
        I feel some leave one relationship which was”bad”, and take out their rage on the person who may mean them well!

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