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poem-inside August 14, 2015

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On the outside, I am smiling

and laughing.

On the inside, I am squealing

oh my god!

oh my god!

oh my god!

oh my god!

while leaping about the room

doing back flips.

On the outside

I just seem happy.

On the inside

I’ve gone super nova.




(sometimes I wish I was 2 again, so I could act out these moments of euphoria)


poem- swing May 27, 2015

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In the photograph, you are on a swing in city park,

the yellow paint on the support bar is worn and flaking,

you grip the chain, suspended on the tiny rubber seat

your tall man body mashed.

You’re smirking so wide your dimple dances with the light in your eyes

Our first French kiss lingered in the air,

as our future flashed fireworks over your head.



This photo sits on my desk, and makes me smile every day.


poem- hollows July 20, 2014

I wait

in the hollow place

for you

You happily celebrate

the concavities

but appreciate

the complexities

of the convexities.

In hollow places

grace erases traces

of solemnity and

embraces totality,


I wait

for you.



poem- halo May 30, 2014

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You glow

with a joy

that makes my heart heal

that makes my soul sing

that make me glimmer


poem-charmed life February 20, 2014

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Food in the belly

Roof overhead

Someone to love

Someone who loves back

Meaningful work

Good health

Funds for fun

Joyful heart






poem- joy in an email November 3, 2013

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Your words are joy

Not just the message in them

but the fact you composed them

for me.

I am grateful

that you are in my world,

that you take time to write

for me.


overflowing June 8, 2013

You look at my

half-empty glass

shake your head,

insert a straw,

blow in laughter and love,

and make my happiness

bubble up until it



Pessimism in action January 31, 2011

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Optimism is the faith that leads to achievement. – Helen Keller.

Noticed this quote on a board at Curves the other day. It made me consider different angles to that, and I came up with a quote of my own:

Pessimism is the despair that leads to failure. – Shawn Bird

If you have a negative outlook, if you don’t believe that there is something good coming in your future, nothing good happens for you. You become mired in your own misery and hopelessness. If you can find hope, and believe that even if things are bad now, that there will be a brighter day coming, then you have the vision to get through the hardship.

What happens when your brain chemistry isn’t letting you get there? If you can’t find the joy and hope, you may need a little help. Your brain is probably not producing enough ‘happiness hormones’ for you to have a positive outlook. Bring on the anti-depressants!You can change that and open up a world of possibility. See your doctor. There is no need to be miserable!  Some people think anti-depressants are for the weak, but depression is all about chemistry, it’s not about will or strength of character.   You wouldn’t think you were weak if you needed nitroglycerin for your heart or anti-rejection drugs for your transplant, so why on earth should you feel bad if you need drugs to adjust your neurochemistry? 

Work with your doctor.  Take the drugs.  Don’t wallow in despair and misery.  Find the optimism that will give you the faith and hope in a positive future that will allow you to achieve all you can achieve in life.


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