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poem- Dear Teen Idol April 12, 2021

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I have the membership card

the poster for my wall

I have sworn eternal devotion

gaze longingly and all.

Please write to say you’re listening

to the troubles that I share

Please give me some advice!

Please tell me that you’re there.

Please say you really care!



Thanks for you letter!

Enclosed please find this photo just for you!




.Official NaPoWriMo prompt for April 11- letter poetry (aka epistolary poem)






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poem- love letters March 23, 2017

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They’re talking love letters

and I hold my tongue

but not my lips.

The tilting corners betray me.

The envelopes with your distinctive hand writing

my name like a caress

glued down like a kiss,

all our hopes and dreams scribbled onto foolscap

by a fool to a fool

giddy from hormones.

And now love letters

are notes on the counter:

“Turn on the crockpot at noon”

“Running errands. Back around 3.”

Messages that mean you still

love me.



poem- addresses November 21, 2014

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Christmas stickers

Festive tradition

The only one left

now there’s no tree

no lights,

no dinner,

no presents.

Just the thing

that matters most:

warm hearts across the miles.


poem- joy in an email November 3, 2013

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Your words are joy

Not just the message in them

but the fact you composed them

for me.

I am grateful

that you are in my world,

that you take time to write

for me.


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