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poem- microcosm November 11, 2020

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The newscast announces an IED*

blew up another patrol.

Dread descends.

My heart pounds.

I strain to hear the names.

Let him be safe.

Let him be safe.

One hundred fifty-eight other names were called.

A thousand prayers unheard.

A thousand exploded hearts.

He carries them all in his duffel

when he returns.




IED= improvised explosive device.



A favourite student of mine fought in Afghanistan with the Canadian Armed Forces. As I listened at the radio during the time he was gone, I was conscious of what an entire generation of families must have felt as they listened to hear about all the boys and men of their communities fighting abroad. The magnification of the stress was easy to imagine. ‘My’ soldier returned safely to Canada and returned to the high school to speak in a Rembrance Day service a year or two later. I bawled my eyes out through the whole thing so thankful he was alive and whole. I’m thinking of him today, and all those families whose hearts were broken, not so long ago.






poem- Covering my ears November 2, 2020

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la la la la la
I can’t hear you.
Shouting louder?
I’m not impressed yet.
Media black out:
(It’s better than a spa).


poem- joy in an email November 3, 2013

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Your words are joy

Not just the message in them

but the fact you composed them

for me.

I am grateful

that you are in my world,

that you take time to write

for me.


secret to longevity September 7, 2012

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According to a Yahoo News story, the oldest living person is in China, and just turned 127.   The lady lives alone with her only child, a son, whom she delivered at age 61.  I was trying to imagine why it would take so long to get pregnant, and how odd it’d be to have a child so late in life.  The article goes on to say, “According to ChinAfrica, researchers say the reason people can live so long in this part of China is because they work from sunrise to sunset, climb mountains doing farm work, get adequate sleep, sleep in separate beds from their spouses and many soak their feet in hot water every night.”

Did you catch that?  Sleep in separate beds. 

That answers a lot of questions, doesn’t it?  I can’t help wondering whether the sacrifice is worth it, though.


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