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poem- halo May 30, 2014

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You glow

with a joy

that makes my heart heal

that makes my soul sing

that make me glimmer


9 Responses to “poem- halo”

  1. toad2015 Says:

    i don’t think you need anything to glow, your husband would agree!

    • lol. He might.

      After our writing workshops this month, author Diana Gabaldon (author of the international bestselling series Outlander, which will be a TV series this summer) described me as “lovely, colorful and songful.” I was quite astonished and honoured at that one! She’s my favourite author, and shepherding her around here was a wonderful honour by itself.

      • toad2015 Says:

        i’m happy for you, however, is not the honor hers?

        Now, now teacher, your soul is big, don’t ask how i know because i feel the thought!

  2. Oh!!! …a breath from the Lips of God. You left me breathless with this beauty.

  3. Cassie Says:

    Simply beautiful. Shawn your poems are fantastic and I love seeing them in my WP reader every week. You make it seem effortless and so easy, and I know that just isn’t the case (or if it is, lie to me).

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