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poem- embracing fireworks September 13, 2015

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When you wrapped me in that warm embrace

fireworks exploded in my brain

red and purple stars shot from my head and lit the room.

Incandescent memories are the after image

of our fragmentary connection.




A couple of days ago, I wrote about another lost poem.  I’m happy to say that poem was found!  This is it!  A glance at a picture sparked the memory, and it came back!  It’s not quite as it was, since the 3rd/final line of the original didn’t return, but I am satisfied with the cinquain it became. 🙂


9 Responses to “poem- embracing fireworks”

  1. I always loved that glow.

  2. “fragmentary connection” ❤

  3. smithaw50 Says:

    That’s the line I liked as well, “fragmentary connection.” Says a lot with a little.

  4. wafflemethis Says:

    Hi Shawn. Thanks for the follow. You have an amazing way with words, I’m really enjoying your poetry very descriptive and heartfelt. But in a simplistic style which works perfectly.
    It feels like your just telling it like it is rather than wrap it up in bows and ribbons. Very fefreshing☺

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