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quote-Jim Butcher on magic May 31, 2015

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Magic is all in your head, all about two things, imagination and will.  You have to focus on your desired outcome and you have to have the will to make it happen.

~Jim Butcher in Dresden Files, Welcome to the Jungle

Sounds like hard work and passion is magic, doesn’t it?  Hmm.  He might be onto something here.


Napowrimo- $ April 7, 2015

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Last year, between his job and his side business

he pulled in one point four million.

A satisfying tax return

for the kid who lived on oatmeal

and bathed in the creek before school,

who hunted down bottles for recycling money.

bouncing the rambunctious energy that drove people crazy,

oh that kid who knew the value of a dime,

and wasn’t afraid to work for it,

or to convince other people to pay him well for it.

Skill is one thing, but charm really pays the bills.



True story.

Kids with ADHD grow up to be adults who are bored with only one job, and have the willingness to risk time and money on entrepreneurial ventures!

Prompt from today was to write about money.


quotation- save yourself October 12, 2014

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“You mustn’t wait for someone to rescue you.  A girl expecting rescue never learns to save herself.  Even with the means, she’ll find her courage wanting.  Don’t be like that…  You must find your courage, learn to rescue yourself, never rely on anyone else.”

~Kate Morton in The Forgotten Garden

What do you think of this advice?  Does it get in the way of accepting help from others?


poem-tired August 1, 2014

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I need new pyjamas.

The effort of hunting through stores

hurts my head.

I have fabric, thread, pattern

and machines.

It’d only take an hour to make,

But just taking

the serger out of the box

seems too great a challenge.

I think finishing my last novel

was more exhausting than

it seemed.


poem- planning May 6, 2014

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Ponder the options

think for awhile

jot down the image

consider and smile.

Take steps, even small ones,

stay out of the holes,

and before you know it

you’ll reach your goal.



wishful thinking April 4, 2013

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I dream of easy affection

when I can celebrate you

without you analyzing my motives

and finding me lacking.

I dream of easy affection

when I can trust you

not to rip apart my offerings

with cruel and callous doubts.

I dream of easy affection

when you can happily accept

tthe best I had whether or not it

was good enough for you.

I dream of easy affection

but some days it seems

like my hopes bring me

a lot of pain

for nothing.



Sometimes it is so much easier to close up the heart, when you are constantly misunderstood, rejected, and ignored by those who should love and respect you. 


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