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poem-journey July 31, 2016

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This is not where I expected to be,

but they were right when they said

if you don’t plan where you’re going

you may not like where you end up.

So I am not staying.

The view is crushing.

The map is out, and every step of this journey

is planned.  Tour guide at the ready,

ready to keep me going in the right direction.

I know the next destination, and I’m setting off

on a pilgrimage of sacrifice,

to atone for foolish wanderings,

and find the self I lost along the way.




poem- planning May 6, 2014

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Ponder the options

think for awhile

jot down the image

consider and smile.

Take steps, even small ones,

stay out of the holes,

and before you know it

you’ll reach your goal.



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