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poem- halo May 30, 2014

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You glow

with a joy

that makes my heart heal

that makes my soul sing

that make me glimmer


poem- sign May 22, 2014

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Out front the high school

Each morning,

A man stands,

Bearing above his head a

One word pronouncement.

Watching parents leaving

Their children,

Teachers driving in,

He tilts his sign to catch

All eyes.

Morning after morning:


Each day I ponder

His cryptic word.

Is it protest

or encouragement?

Prayer ?

for kids

   to be attentive?

   to do their homework?

   to embrace their learning opportunity?

   to have supportive homes?

Prayer for staff

   to be patient?

   to be available?

   to see what needs to be seen?

   to do what needs to be done?

It’s not such a terrible reminder,

for anyone,

whatever the motivation.


poem- opportunity May 16, 2014

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You need imagination

to grab opportunities.

You have to be open

to the unfamiliar.

You have to trust that

something new could be great

and that all learning

has worth.

You have to be willing

to be out of your comfort zone

to have faith in yourself


that every experience

will enrich you.

You have to accept opportunities

to empower your imagination.



Risk for writers: “If it doesn’t kill me, it’ll make a great story!”

As teachers we wonder why our students don’t grab at the amazing opportunities that are available to them. I was just pondering this today.


poem- faith October 27, 2013

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It is enough

that you fill the hollow places.

When you’re in your darkness,

the glistening of faith in you

can find the warmth you need

so what was empty

overflows with me.


poem- self-fulfilling prophecies October 26, 2013

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At four hundred pounds

she filled every room

I am beautiful!

I am amazing!

I am entertaining!

I will help you succeed!

They didn’t question

her self-control

her ugly words

her petty cruelties

her avarice

They accepted every word

and made it true.


poem- Adrian October 20, 2013

Adrian, muscles rippling

and  glistening from summer sun,

as the girls grip

their nails in their fists, wishing.

Adrian, head emerging from car engine

wringing greasy hands,

and grinning a greeting,

reaching for his shirt,

as the girls glide in, sniffing;

whiffing at pheromones

that hint of moaning, groaning


Good girls watching as

Adrian gets ready

for Bible study.


poem- today August 6, 2013

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I know what is right


I have seen weakness


I have seen strength


I have seen courage


I have seen tenderness.


I have seen evil


I have seen good


I have seen you


You have seen me


you know who I am


I know who you are


Amid your warlike screeches

I am nestled in peace.


Poem- On another year July 17, 2013

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You stand silently apart

You hover on the edges



I mingle like sugar in water




to draw you

into my arms

to hold you

to anchor you.

But you don’t know where

those hands have been.

You seek a quiet place

to find a peaceful oasis

for the discomfort of that skin

for the ramble of those thoughts

for the torture of that crowd

I stand apart

and watch you pull yourself

in pieces

I’m laughing and chatting

and wishing I could be enough

to give you courage


faith in yourself,

but I’m not.

No matter how much

my heart is full to bursting

with wanting it.

You have to be




consideration vs acceptance February 24, 2012

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It is the mark of an educated mind to be able to entertain a thought without accepting it.



I fully agree with this statement.  The ‘what if’ that allows a person to look at the unknown, the different or the strange is a powerful tool for knowledge.  Seeking to understand another perspective only strengthens your own wisdom.  Your own perspective may be different, but by understanding the cultural, historical, or experiential background behind the point of view of someone else, you grow.   You don’t have to believe the same thing.  You don’t have to accept the conclusions made by others.  However, considering other perspectives helps you to understand your own beliefs and values.  Learning about yourself is valuable.  Learning is a good thing.


faithless November 8, 2011

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This was written from a prompt for Gooseberry Garden on Feathers, Fidelity Figment and Fables.


Your name is faithfulness.
Time stretched the fidelity
and you left that future,
For years t’was fueled
by the fervour of adoration,

and the declaration of forever.

Faith dripped


across forever

and fell

in fragrant furrows

of fallow hope.


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