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poem-ready December 31, 2014

She’s reached the end of her rope

and she’s swinging hard,

pumping her legs for maximum height,

fury fueling her flight.

She’s aiming for the edge

she’s leaping into space

and she’s grabbing on the way down.

When she lands,

she’s crushing injustice beneath her feet.

and throwing up her hands,

in victory.



Been editing tonight.  Just getting to the end of the story, when the downtrodden heroine seizes power… 😉


poem- done November 12, 2014

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Home is too hard

and you need to be here

at school where it’s safe.

But you rarely work on academics.

You snarl

or stare blankly.

So many years of missing concepts.

So many holes to dig out of.

They won’t let you stay,

though you need to be here,

and it breaks our heart

when your choices

are your destruction.

Safety is more important

than schooling.

How can you ever



poem- small October 11, 2014

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You were so very small

pulling your limbs inside yourself

wearing a vacant scowl,

trying to turn yourself inside out

to avoid notice,

when we were all there

for you.

So much trauma to hide from.

so many layers of armour.

Will we ever see you drop the ballast

so you can fly?



Probably a few too many metaphors here, but the sentiments hold true.  May have to work on this one a bit more.


poem- parents and child February 16, 2014

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What you wanted to be

Everything you wanted to see

Was it you who lied?

Or was it me?

What dreams did you hide

in the tears you cried?

Was it you who lied?

Or was it me?

When your mother sighed

When your father denied

When you tried to foresee

Was it you who lied?

or was it me?

Were we lacking in pride?

Why could you not confide?

We simply could not see

so was it you who lied?

or was it me?


poem- fractured October 29, 2013

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I know

you’re broken.

I see the fracture lines

behind your eyes

I feel the seepage

leaking from the crack in your soul.

I have

needle, thread


and hope.

I’ll share.


poem- mountain climbing August 29, 2013

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I thought I was at the base of the mountain, ready to start climbing,

but I realise that I am actually

at Mountain Equipment Co-op

looking for supplies.

I have to be on the mountain

ready or not

and I need ropes,

and crampons,

and carabiners.

I need to know how to climb.

I want to climb

I want to see the view from the heights

know I’ve conquered my fears

risen above

fought a good fight.

So I am heading to

the base camp, looking up,

and starting the climb,

armed with attitude




and desire.

I will climb this mountain





poem- today August 6, 2013

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I know what is right


I have seen weakness


I have seen strength


I have seen courage


I have seen tenderness.


I have seen evil


I have seen good


I have seen you


You have seen me


you know who I am


I know who you are


Amid your warlike screeches

I am nestled in peace.


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