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poem- done November 12, 2014

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Home is too hard

and you need to be here

at school where it’s safe.

But you rarely work on academics.

You snarl

or stare blankly.

So many years of missing concepts.

So many holes to dig out of.

They won’t let you stay,

though you need to be here,

and it breaks our heart

when your choices

are your destruction.

Safety is more important

than schooling.

How can you ever



9 Responses to “poem- done”

  1. The most disaffected and disruptive students are hardly ever absent. The above captures why that is.

  2. AC Says:

    Sad the way some children grow up, and how challenging for their teachers.

  3. billremski Says:

    I was in love with the teacher who taught me poetry. Adele married a guy named Bill and moved to Toledo. It broke my heart, but then, she said she was too old for me anyway. She taught me poetry, that no ever living human being ever tried, and it was my gift from this beautiful person. Let him go, he’s a butterfly.

    • I often wonder about those seeds we plant, as teachers. Sometimes kids write back and say we changed their lives. Such tiny things can open or crush a spirit, and we often have no idea. Some need us just to be there, to be the safe place. We often want to help so much more than that!

      • billremski Says:

        You are a very kind and sweet person. I have found in dealing with some of my own friends that you can only help somebody as much as they want to help themselves, odd as that may sound. Peace.

  4. Heartafire Says:

    sad truth beautifully expressed.

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