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Poem-beauty August 14, 2017

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twice shampooed

hair conditioned.

Five hours on the table:



brushed some more,






Gorgeous poodle emerges,

from scruffy mess.



(my boy is in a historically correct Continental clip, but we’ve been travelling and it’s grown out. We’re now visiting his breeder, who ‘for fun’ gave him the whole beauty treatment. Wowza. It’s not as much hair as a show cut, but it is incredibly impressive.  More work tomorrow!)


poem-theory March 5, 2016

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Sometimes the theory doesn’t pan out

It seems like a good idea

but the execution just doesn’t quite work.

Maybe the support staff didn’t quite have the vision.

Perhaps the concept wasn’t communicated adequately.

The theory was sound,

but it didn’t quite work out.

We need to try something





I had my hair coloured at a salon today.  Usually I do it my self, but the longer it gets, the harder that is.  I suggested a thin swath of bright yellow, hidden beneath the top (uncoloured) layer, to pop out in vibrant contrast to the cold colours in the rest of the style.  It didn’t quite work out as I envisioned it:

But aside from that weird yellow, looking like dripping dog pee in snow, it is rather gorgeous, I think.  About 6 different Goldwell Elumen colours.  Don’t ask me which ones. :-/  (All these photos are me. The composite was taken in the salon for their advertising). I doubt it will ever be so prettily curled again…


poem- power hair October 13, 2013

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She was  dazzling

in the cosmetic department

getting lessons in drawing eye brows.

Her silver hair was cut

power short.


It emphasized her features:

glorious twinkling eyes

perfect nose

determined mouth.

Who needs make up

to add to that beauty?

Her hair set her above,

showed her panache,

made me smile,

and look twice.

Then she thanked the clerk

for the lesson,

set on a chemo cap

and her vitality




inadvertent blue brow March 7, 2013

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I have a blue brow.

This certainly doesn’t indicate any blue blood (though my children can trace their patrilineal descent to Charlemagne four ways).

What it does indicate is a lack of care during the rinse cycle, I suppose.

As you know, from the photo at right, I wear coloured streaks in my hair.    At present, all the lower couple of inches of my scalp all the way around is a fuchsia pink, and there are long midnight blue strips on either side.  On the right it’s just above the ear, on the left it goes right up to the top of my head.  (This sounds strange, but looks quite nice, and garners compliments all the time, so don’t worry about my sanity).

The top of my head is very white.   (To effectively camouflage the instant roots I get because my hair grows so fast).

Usually, my brows are almost black (like my hair used to be.  >>sigh<<) but lately half of one has lost its pigment.  Today when I finished rinsing out the dye and blow-drying my hair, I looked into the mirror and discovered that my formerly white brow, is now blue.

I’m not sure what I think about this.

It’s not that I’m adverse to colour, obviously I’m not.  Perhaps it’s just that this seems like an awful lot of blue.  I usually wear blue mascara and eye liner, and the gem in my left nostril is blue, as well.

I like serendipity, though.  It is what it is.


I suppose next time I could accidentally dye it pink…



A Brave review July 10, 2012

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Fantastic animation (her hair! the water!),  some very funny scenes, very scary bears, kilt humour, and a lovely little tale  makes for a good film in Brave, the latest release from Disney Pixar.  While the plot was a little obvious in parts, and the theme seemed a bit over done, it was quite an enjoyable film.  I’d give it  4/5 stars.  Truly, you should go just to see the groundbreaking hair flowing across the big screen.

Pixar really does a remarkable job of forging new ground in animation.  Throughout the film, I just kept being amazed at protagonist Merida’s hair.  It’s phenomenal, never before seen truly animated hair that it looks like it could have come straight off my friend Angela’s head.  Merida’s hair, like Ange’s, had a life of its own.  Sections behaved in different ways, colour and curls throughout were different so it had real dimension, just like Ange’s.  The hair, more than anything, declared Merida’s tempestuous, independent nature.  When she’s forced to contain it, she feels fake and unnatural.

Here is a very interesting FX guide to the process of creating those amazing locks.

And here are the locks in action.  (As an aside, I also find these three suitors an absolute hoot.  They completely remind me of some grade 9 boys I’ve known!  Particularly the middle one.  You know who you are!)  😀



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