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poem-theory March 5, 2016

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Sometimes the theory doesn’t pan out

It seems like a good idea

but the execution just doesn’t quite work.

Maybe the support staff didn’t quite have the vision.

Perhaps the concept wasn’t communicated adequately.

The theory was sound,

but it didn’t quite work out.

We need to try something





I had my hair coloured at a salon today.  Usually I do it my self, but the longer it gets, the harder that is.  I suggested a thin swath of bright yellow, hidden beneath the top (uncoloured) layer, to pop out in vibrant contrast to the cold colours in the rest of the style.  It didn’t quite work out as I envisioned it:

But aside from that weird yellow, looking like dripping dog pee in snow, it is rather gorgeous, I think.  About 6 different Goldwell Elumen colours.  Don’t ask me which ones. :-/  (All these photos are me. The composite was taken in the salon for their advertising). I doubt it will ever be so prettily curled again…


13 Responses to “poem-theory”

  1. howardat58 Says:

    Sometimes hair can be quite obstreporous, a word my brother and I heard a lot as kids, from our arty/literary parents.

  2. Love this poem and its backstory. I read your poems regularly. I write poetry too, but I am not able to produce like you can. What’s your secret?

    • Butt in chair.
      Even if I have no idea what I’m going to say, when the butt’s in the chair a poem appears. I suspect my sub-conscious is always paying attention, even if I’m not.

  3. At least you have a good view on the result. It might take time to get it to be just right. I love the curl though. I think I might try going purple and blue, or teal when my hair is more grey. I’m going grey, slowly. I tend to stick with just blond right now. 🙂 Cool poem too.

    • Thanks, Kate.

      After rinsing it with steaming hot water and washing it with dish detergent (X3) to try to get out the yellow colour, I ran a line of Manic Panic blue down the yellow and then immediately rinsed it out. That made that strip a pastel turquoise with touches of yellow at either end and the the dark pink at the bottom. I think I’ll be able to live with that. I have also been chunking that section into its own braid which gives it an intentional look. Let’s see how it goes at work tomorrow. 🙂

  4. Lorien Says:

    Love the gorgeous colors! Is your hair already light like this or did you have to bleach the hell out of it first?

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