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poem- me then October 29, 2016

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In the mirror

the shape is me then

and the then clothes still hang in the closet

for me now to wear.

In the mirror

me now studies the style of me then

likes the posture improving shoulder pads

and ponders the difference between






poem-theory March 5, 2016

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Sometimes the theory doesn’t pan out

It seems like a good idea

but the execution just doesn’t quite work.

Maybe the support staff didn’t quite have the vision.

Perhaps the concept wasn’t communicated adequately.

The theory was sound,

but it didn’t quite work out.

We need to try something





I had my hair coloured at a salon today.  Usually I do it my self, but the longer it gets, the harder that is.  I suggested a thin swath of bright yellow, hidden beneath the top (uncoloured) layer, to pop out in vibrant contrast to the cold colours in the rest of the style.  It didn’t quite work out as I envisioned it:

But aside from that weird yellow, looking like dripping dog pee in snow, it is rather gorgeous, I think.  About 6 different Goldwell Elumen colours.  Don’t ask me which ones. :-/  (All these photos are me. The composite was taken in the salon for their advertising). I doubt it will ever be so prettily curled again…


poem-hat October 5, 2015

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If you’re going to go out in public

with your hair a disaster,

and tell me it’s okay, because you’re wearing a hat,

could you please wear a fedora or a bowler?

Something with a little panache?

A Homburg or a Panama, perhaps?

Anything but a ball cap?  Because you don’t play ball,

and I don’t believe in capping potential.



He needs to spend some time at Goorin Brothers Hat Shop


class act December 22, 2010

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Do you know the phrase, “You can dress them up, but you can’t take them out?”

I watch What Not to Wear with fascination.  Every week someone is transformed from a slob into a fashion plate.  We’re introduced to these amazing people with horrendous style.  They spend a week learning what to wear, how to style their hair and wear make-up and then they appear in a mirror.  Their shoulders come back.  They walk with confidence.  They find their inner beauty.  Their exterior now manifests their amazing interior.

I wonder how hard they have to work to find people for that show, because you know that there are a lot of people out there, who despite the best efforts of the fashion stylists, will always be slobs.  There will be no inner beauty to find in them.  Sometimes you recognize them: the plastic, soul-less ones who may show air-brushed magazine perfection to the world, but it’s meaningless.  Nothing good can come of their physical attractiveness, because they are cruel and hollow inside.   They may manipulate and abuse people to get what they want.  People may even worship at their beautiful feet, but it’s never going to turn out well. 

One wishes for transformations that are more than physical.  Transformations that reflect the inner wisdom, consideration,  and intelligence, not intensify superficial superiority.   You can dress them up, but they’ll never be better than the shallow, ugly people they really are inside. 

Class is something that develops early on.  If you are still enjoying barf, fart racist and sexist jokes in middle age, you never developed it, and you’re not going to.  Trash always shows itself eventually, the garbage smell leaks out the polished shoes.

Class is something that can’t be created in a make-over.


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